0932 776 971 (M-F 9AM-6PM)

What is EMR 9999?

EMR 9999, an extension of Family Medical Practice’s emergency services, is the first privately owned and operated 24/7 emergency medical response system in Vietnam, styled after 911 in the U.S. with certification from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED).

Calling EMR 9999?

The 9999 protocol is designed to determine the nature of your emergency as quickly as possible. The sequence of questions is based on the international ProQA system, which itself is compiled from decades of emergency response experience from all over the world. Please answer the call-taker’s questions accurately and calmly. You will then receive medical advice and instruction. If your responses indicate that an ambulance is required, it will be triggered automatically by the system and dispatched to your location.

Subscribers and non-subscribers may dial the emergency number 9999 from anywhere in HCMC with life-saving support in English and Vietnamese. Only subscribers are entitled to unlimited and free ambulance transportation and emergency medical care en route within the HCMC coverage zone (subject to terms and conditions). Non-subscribers will be charged for ambulance services. Please note that 9999 should only be dialed in genuine emergencies.

It is important to provide your name, address, and phone number so that we can call you back immediately if the line is disconnected. You should also provide your exact location, the details of the emergency (if known), the condition of the patient, and anything else that is relevant. Stay focused and give specific answers to all questions.

We need to ask a lot of questions to determine the extent of the patient’s injuries. The information you provide can enable us to guide you in giving immediate treatment – which could involve instructing you in CPR. Medical instruction over the phone can greatly increase the chances of patient survival, even before a medical professional is present on the scene. Incomplete answers to questions may result in inappropriate medical treatment for which EMR 9999 cannot be considered liable.

Membership Subscription

EMR 9999 services are available to subscribers by priority entitlement. Member benefits include unlimited emergency calls and ambulance dispatch services during the validity of the coverage plan. The subscription fee is VND575,000/person/year.

The subscription fee to EMR 9999 is VND575,000/person/year. It entitles you to:

  • 24/7 EMERGENCY CALL SERVICE in English and Vietnamese.
  • Unlimited and free ambulance transportation and emergency medical care en route within the HCMC coverage zone (subject to terms and conditions)

Non-subscribers may access the 24/7 emergency call service from anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, but will be charged commercial ambulance transport rates for all uses.

The call taker will need to ask you a few questions to establish your subscription status. This should not interfere with dealing with the emergency at hand.

There is no limit to the number of emergency calls you can make to the EMR 9999 service.

Coverage Areas

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh, Go Vap, and Tan Binh.

Emergency response is only covered while you are physically within the covered zone. If you have an emergency outside of the zone boundaries, you may still dial the EMR 9999 service for medical advice. Ambulance dispatches outside the coverage zone for members and nonmembers will be charged per use at standard rates starting from VND7,958,000.

Ambulance Dispatch

An ambulance will be ready to respond to your emergency from the moment you call. If the ProQA System determines that your emergency is life threatening, the ambulance will be dispatched immediately. Many emergencies are resolved without the need for ambulance pickup.

The Emergency Medical Doctor will decide which medical center the patient will be taken to based on proximity and the most appropriate medical facility relative to the condition of the patient.

If the patient is conscious, their preferred care facility will be taken into account, although not at the expense of his or her life and well-being. Patients will only be transported to international and local medical centers with specialized facilities.

All emergency response services provided by EMR 9999 are covered by your subscription. Fees for medical attention may be charged by the facility to which you are taken. Ambulance dispatches outside the coverage zone for members and nonmembers and all international medical evacuations will be charged per use at standard rates.

Life-saving medical advice is available from the moment you call. Statistics show that medical guidance given by phone can greatly increase the chances of patient survival even when no medical professional is on the scene. Treatment and medical care can be administered while being transported to the medical facility. Our ambulances are similar to mobile intensive care units, manned by professional teams who maintain a constant telemedicine communications link with the alarm center and the emergency teams in the clinic.

During an Emergency

You will be issued with a subscriber card, but there can be no guarantee that people around you will discover it. Tell friends, family, and colleagues about your subscription for your safety.

For your protection, please make sure that the people who are frequently around you – including friends, family, and colleagues – are aware of your current EMR 9999 subscription, in case they need to dial the service on your behalf if an emergency occurs. In situations where you’re among strangers, make sure your subscriber card is as easy to find as possible.