‘The Lifesavers of Saigon’ featuring emergency medical response *9999 wins award at Oregon documentary film festival 2019!

August 13, 2019

The Life Saver in Saigon

“The Lifesavers of Saigon” explores how our city of 13 million people acquired its first-ever professional emergency service—FMP’s ambulance response service *9999. It is Saigon’s first coordinated citywide ambulance service to transport injured or critically ill people to a nearby hospital while sustaining life en route.


The film features our CEO Dr. Rafi Kot as well as *9999 emergency doctors Dr. Nguyen Hong Truong and Dr. Than Trong Loc, and depicts the courage and vision of our team’s mission to save lives and provide critical care at our patients’ time of greatest threat, bringing international standards of emergency medicine and lifesaving services to the people of HCMC.

Independent filmmaker TIMUR GÜNER has won BEST INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR for his documentary “The Lifesavers of Saigon”, based on our emergency medical response service *9999, at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival.

A statement from the competition judges read: “Although our EMS services have functioned well for years in the USA, the heart and soul of the people in this film serve as a reminder of what can be accomplished, when citizens come together as a community and take action.”



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