DIAL *9999 or (028) 3744 9000

Why 9999?

9999 is the first and only privately owned and internationally accredited 24/7 emergency ambulance response service in Vietnam. The introduction of the service in Vietnam makes this country the 48th worldwide to receive accreditation from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED). 9999 is available 24 hours a day to receive calls concerning medical emergencies from anywhere in Vietnam.

  • Our medical trauma and life sustaining teams have undergone vigorous training and are certified by the IAED to provide full emergency support.
  • Each ambulance is similar to a mobile ICU, staffed by professional teams who maintain a constant telemedicine communications link with the alarm center and the emergency teams in the medical centers.

Calling 9999

  • 9999’s protocols are designed to determine the nature of your emergency and the appropriate response as quickly as possible. The sequence of questions is based on the international ProQA system, which itself is compiled from decades of emergency response experience from all over the world. This sequence has been proven to achieve the fastest response and best medical outcomes.
  • Please answer the call-taker’s questions accurately and calmly. You will then receive medical advice and instruction.
  • Based on the specific details that you provide, the ProQA system will automatically determine the severity of the emergency, immediately triggering ambulance dispatch if necessary to anywhere within Ho Chi Minh City—delivering the earliest possible life-sustaining care and the best chance of recovery.

The call-taker will ask numerous questions to establish the nature of your emergency as quickly as possible. It is important to provide your call-back number so that we can call you back if the line is disconnected. You should also provide your exact location, the details of the emergency (if known), the condition of the patient, and anything else relevant. Please answer the call taker’s questions accurately and calmly, and try to give specific rather than general answers. Incomplete answers to questions may result in inappropriate medical treatment for which 9999 cannot be considered liable.

We need to ask a lot of questions to determine the extent of the patient’s injuries. The information you provide can enable us to guide you in giving immediate treatment—which could involve instructing you in CPR. Statistics show that early medical attention, even under voice guidance by phone, can greatly increase the chances of patient survival.

Membership Subscription

9999 member benefits include unlimited emergency calls and ambulance dispatch services throughout HCMC during the validity of the coverage plan. The subscription fee is VND1,200,000/person/year.

The emergency number 9999 is available to all callers from anywhere in Vietnam offering life-saving support in English and Vietnamese. Only subscribers are entitled to unlimited and free ambulance transportation and emergency medical care en route within HCMC (subject to terms and conditions). Callers from Hanoi and Danang will be connected to emergency support services operated by Family Medical Practice within those cities. Callers in other locations may be connected to local services. Non-subscribers will be charged standard rates for ambulance services. Please note that 9999 should only be dialed in genuine emergencies.

The call taker will need to ask you a few questions to establish your subscription status. This will include your exact location, the details of the emergency (if known), the condition of the patient, and anything else immediately relevant. This should not interfere with dealing with the emergency at hand.

Even though we will still have your personal info on our subscriber database, the call taker is still required to ask and verify the current location where the emergency response is needed. We will also ask you to provide a call-back number so that you can be called back if the line is disconnected.

There is no limit to the number of emergency calls you can make to the 9999 service.

Not every medical insurance policy covers the kind of services provided by 9999, and membership can provide protection against insurance premium increases during emergencies. Non-subscribers are not guaranteed service availability. For the safety of you and your family, we encourage the peace of mind offered by the annual subscription fee.


9999 covers the whole HCMC metropolitan area.

Ambulance coverage is only available while you are physically within the emergency response zone. If you have an emergency outside of the zone boundaries, you may still dial the *9999 service for medical advice. Medical evacuation is available outside the zone at standard rates.

Ambulance Dispatch

If a caller’s responses indicate that an ambulance is required, the ProQA system will automatically trigger the alarm to dispatch ambulance response. Many emergencies can be resolved without the need for ambulance pickup.


The 9999 ambulances are available for emergency response 24/7. Please note that in periods of high demand, an ambulance may not be available immediately but will be dispatched as soon as possible.

The Emergency Medical Doctor will decide which medical center the patient will be taken to based on its proximity and medical facilities relative to the condition of the patient.  The critical factor in this decision will be the patient’s immediate medical needs. Patients will only be transported to international and local medical centers with specialized facilities. We work with a network of local and international medical centers. The medical team on duty will select the most appropriate destination based on the patient’s condition.

Please note that if you are transported to a medical facility not covered by your insurance plan in order to save your life, 9999 cannot be held liable.

If the patient is conscious, their preferred care facility will be taken into account, although not at the expense of his or her life and well-being. All our doctors are required to strictly follow this protocol to ensure that the best treatment for the patient is the foremost concern.

All emergency response services provided by 9999 are covered by your subscription. Fees will only be charged for medical evacuation outside of HCMC. Fees for medical attention are likely to be charged by the facility to which you are taken.

During an Emergency

You will be issued with a subscriber card printed with your details including your emergency contact name and number. Unfortunately this does not guarantee that the people in your immediate vicinity will discover the card in the event of an emergency.

For your protection, please make sure that the people who are frequently around you—including friends, family, and colleagues—are aware of your current 9999 subscription, in case they need to dial the service on your behalf if an emergency occurs. In situations where you’re among strangers, make sure your subscriber card is as easy to find as possible.

9999 call takers are not permitted to prescribe medication to callers. In cases where prescription medicines may be required, callers will be advised to contact their doctors.

The call-taker’s first responsibility is to determine the nature of your emergency and to provide the appropriate medical response following ProQA protocols. Our emergency dispatch team will then observe all necessary legal requirements with regard to informing police of an emergency, although our top priority will always be your safety and well-being.

If the emergency response team is able to protect your property, they will do so, but this cannot be guaranteed as 9999’s first priority will be to protect your well-being. While every effort will be made to protect your property, we do not accept liability for any losses that may occur.