Medical Director of Trauma and Emergency Medicine

Dr. Thinh relocated to Ho Chi Minh City from Hanoi in 2011, where he works in emergency practice.
He is a graduate of the Hanoi Medical School, and also spent a year in the U.S. where he furthered his
studies in intensive care.
Dr. Thinh has been an integral part of the development of our 9999 emergency medical response
system, and was one of the team leaders who helped set up training and implementing protocols for
emergencies. He also leads a first-class medical evacuation team, which sees him at the forefront of
one of the world’s top evacuation systems that has seen patients taken for urgent ICU cases both in
and out of the country.
Outside of work, Dr. Thinh is a passionate photographer and a huge Chicago Bulls and Saigon Heat
basketball fan.

“For people in Vietnam, it seems too new, but it really works. CPR is often an essential first response in cases
of cardiac arrest, and if you don’t know CPR, call 9999 and the call-taker will talk you through it”


Our Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) at 9999 are the unsung heroes of our entire
emergency response operation. The first professional responders to receive emergency calls,
these highly-trained call-takers need to exercise control from a distance in situations that can
be tumultuous, frightening, upsetting and bewildering while themselves keeping a level head
as they record information, organize medical teams, and make decisions where life hangs in
the balance.

Our EMDs are selected for being efficient, adept at multitasking, and trustworthy. Because
their work within our emergency response service often places them in the middle of life or
death situations, our requirements of them are stringent and rigorous—while at the same
time, our respect and admiration for them are unwavering.


Alarm Center Manager 

Our EMD team is led by Marvin Mesina, who has been working in this field since 2007, mostly based
within the Canadian ambulance service Urgences-Sante in Montreal. Immediately prior to joining the
team at 9999, he worked for Pilipinas911 in the Philippines, where he managed the call center. In
June of 2016 he joined the 9999 ambulance response team to assist with the alarm center’s needs in
regards to call-taking skills and phone triage using the ProQA system.

“EMDs are the first exposed to an emergency situation whenever the phone rings. We provide reassurance to
patients that the proper help is on its way to assist them. We can provide appropriate medical instructions
over the phone for any emergency scenario, from controlling bleeding to giving instructions in childbirth and
“As our service has grown, there has been a lot of improvement in terms of both facilities and the numbers of
calls. It gives us a sense of continuing advancement in the emergency dispatch field here.”